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I am actually trying to avoid having the above hash structure in the related function I mentioned, since this function deals with many different attributes that I find convenient to provide via the hash.

If I were to use a similar hash structure to your example in this function, it would now need to be called in the following (tedious) way:

myfunction($id,{ kung => { value => foo }, foo => { value => bar}});

Here is the ideal hash structure with some example attributes that I am trying to attain through the select:

Attributes now: $VAR1 = { '49CBAF4B' => { 'occurrences' => 999, 'object' => 'device123', 'timestamp' => 1261660376, 'value' => 90, 'max' => 96 } };

If this cannot be done, I might be forced to map the results to a hash with the desired layout, or look at a different approach altogether.