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Re: Lack of structure. Channeling structure

by jeroenes (Priest)
on May 15, 2001 at 13:59 UTC ( #80486=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Lack of structure. Channeling structure

Some line of thoughts on the subject:

Of course, such books would be very nice. But I don't think we could write 'books' in the same, cooparative matter that we do so succesfully when writing nodes/node-trees. That's why one person should be responsible for one 'book'. Moreover, these 'books' would also serve as high-quality indici to the site. And these indici are badly needed, as a lot of high quality nodes are hard to find, unless you spent quite some time @perlmonks. In the latter case you now them and you'll probably have them in your personal nodelet already.

But to serve as indici/books to a certain subject, you need only a few of these subjects, otherwise you need to index the indici... So I would opt for a few of these 'books' aka 'collections', and make a list of wanted subjects. Persons than can subscribe (to prevent double work) to these subjects and make the collection, asking for help from others if necessary.

These 'books' should be of such a quality that they deserve their own section in the monestary. Maybe they can even make it to print at a certain stage.

Such a system would require a lot of work from the hand of the 'authors/editors'. Ppl however tend to spend a lot of time at the monestary, so I expect ppl are willing to invest time in this kind of editing (like epoptai when it comes to CB clients, or jcwren for the stats and more).

Monks mostly are specialized in one kind of subject more or less, so the books should be composed by the 'experts' on the subject.

One subject I would add to larsen's list:

  • Coding: Methods and approaches

"We are not alone"(FZ)

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