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I have a windows service issue that I would like some suggestions on a problem that we are seeing. I have a perl program that uses the net::server module that basicly monitors a port. <It waits for someone to open the port to communicate with it and tell it to run different tasks. These tasks are ran using a system("start <cmd>"). One of the tasks that the program will do is to build and package one of our companies products.
use base qw(Net::Server); ... ... MyPackage->run(port => 2000, log_file => ser.log, log_level => 4); and then it does: system("start");
to start a build on the local system.

If you run this as a stand-a-lone process it will open up a msdos window and runs the program in it and you see the output of the script as it goes through the build process.

I then use the serany.exe program to run this program as a service. This works for us as I can now remotely talk to the system using tcp and do not have to log into the system to do a build.

The problem is that when we run this as a service the program is disconected from the console and we no longer get a window that pops up on the conosle.

Is there anyway we can change/replace the "system()" command so that a window will open up on the console with the build output?