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These things like "use strict;" and "use warnings;" aren't just "tricks", this is part and parcel of well written Perl code.

I've used e-macs before but don't use it now. It appears you are using a Windows platform, but yes emacs could be used. Check into cygwin, This isn't Unix but it does a lot! This is how I installed my GNU C compilers. Familiar commands like ps, ls, cat will do things. like ps -h shown below......

As with Unix, there are a number of good program editors for Windows. Notepad is definitely not the way! I use TextPad, but there are others.

C:\TEMP>ps -h Usage: ps [-aefls] [-u UID] [-p PID] Report process status -a, --all show processes of all users -e, --everyone show processes of all users -f, --full show process uids, ppids -h, --help output usage information and exit -l, --long show process uids, ppids, pgids, winpids -p, --process show information for specified PID -s, --summary show process summary -u, --user list processes owned by UID -v, --version output version information and exit -W, --windows show windows as well as cygwin processes With no options, ps outputs the long format by default