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As usual, jcwren, you're willing to give up time and money to give the perlmonks stuff they don't deserve- now how can I disagree with that?!

But seriously, I'd take care of the issues you mention before it bites you in the azz- you know, like Dubya's environmental planning. Obviously, you plan on giving everyone CGI access. Just judging from the quality of the CGI questions we see around here, I would immediately impose a quota. This would prevent malicious viewers from uploading ridiculous amounts of data which would flood and nuke the server if a script just happened NOT to use CGI and related securities. Yeah, that should be a rule- anyone failing to use CGI on jcwren's server will be shot.

Shell access? You didn't say- but FTP at least, right? It wasn't clear to me if you were offering this as a service to perlmonks of a certain level or as a public server, so there are a few more things to keep in mind- throw uncessary stuff out of /usr/bin, etc- there is likely no reason for someone to be running X servers or some other shit off of your webserver. Also, it wasn't clear to me whether you are giving people actual UN*X accounts or if you are planning to clump them into some user management web-based system. You seem to trust the perlmonks alot- I'd reconsider that, too.

I would seriously reconsider whether you don't want to impose bandwidth restrictions-- I really like perlmonks statistics- it would be a shame if I were unable to reach it because damian1301 was trying to bring down the server "as an excercise in security".

As for the name, I might humbly suggest, but then again, I might not.

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