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In order to use server side perl scripts, you need to have the form submitted. This can be automated with JavaScript, but....

The question is whether you really want to do this. Web developers tend to stay away from JavaScript for a number of reasons.

Of course, you may argue that you're web app is used only in a limited pool of computers all of which support X, Y, and Z and will work great with whatever you cough up. That's nice, but as soon as the company Dilbert sees that he could work at home and he can't use your app because of JavaScript errors. OR the company wishes to move or sell or copy the app to a different circle of users, all of which have NO Jscript or use a different browser. Bad news and one that is actually easily avoidable...just use a recent version of HTML.

If you find that you your web application would be better represented using objects or states, then look into jellybean or CGI::Application, not to mention everything2 and a slur of proprietary web object servers.

If you're looking for TRUE interactivity, you're not looking for web-based apps. In that case, you'd be looking at actual GUI implementations which your customer may benefit from. Try Tk for a cross-platform solution. Web searches on any of these topics will get you off to a strong start. Good luck!

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