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Note that Perl also has closures, which Java doesn't have. In some refactoring cases, you might want to use a closure instead of a method - it gives you some of the benefits private methods give you in Java.

But for me, there's a large difference between storing something in a temporary variable, and using a method. Assuming the temporary variable isn't tied, once you put a value in there, you get back the same value each and every time. With a method, that's less clear, certainly when seen from the caller's perspective. For instance:

my $v1 = $v2 + $v2; my $v3 = $self->m1 + $self->m1;
The first is equivalent to 2 * $v2, but it's not clear whether the latter is equivalent to 2 * $self->m1, until you know what m1 does.

And that's a language agnostic issue.