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Re^5: Supressing page breaks in forms

by ww (Archbishop)
on May 29, 2009 at 22:42 UTC ( #766973=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Supressing page breaks in forms
in thread Supressing page breaks in format/write output

You've changed your spec: in your original post, you said, "(t)he form will be viewed using a browser...."

Certainly it's possible to view a plain text file with a browser, by any one of several techniques, but IMO, if something is "viewed using a browser," it's a web page (or, to be a bit more precise, a page or constituent thereof). Further, within the context of "viewed in a browser," a form is, as noted above, a very specific html construct with a very specific purpose unrelated to what you didn't tell us until prodded by replies suggesting you clarify your intent.

Given your new spec, you may wish to know that Control-L (represented by caret-L in many circumstances) is the (nominally) "non-printing" ASCII and ANSI character for a "Form Feed" AKA "page eject, 0x0c, 12 decimal. Update: see

So the problem becomes "how can you remove each instance of 0x0c (and, I infer -- perhaps incorrectly -- the "Date Hour Requests UID" elements)?" (Your spec for "header" is a bit less than precise.) But either case is readily dealt with using a very basic script (which, at this stage, is left as an exercise for the student) or --indeed -- with a minimally competent text editor.

Suggestion: when you update a post, please tag it prominently -- for example, Update....blah, blah, blah /update. You do acknowledge your addition to the OP, but that acknowledgment is less than prominent.

<Update: You appear to have also changed your title, so it no longer matches the titles of the replies. That's also confusing, and the change is still less than clear; s/format\/write output/text/ would have been better. /update>

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