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Monks, again I commit the sin of Not Understanding It.

I am working with code that talks to a serial port.

$port = new Device::SerialPort("/dev$opt_p");
followed by
write_chunk ("modem control stuff");
sub write_chunk { (my $count) = $port->write($_[0]); }

so to test it I put

if ($TESTING) { use Test::MockObject; $port = Test::MockObject->new(); $port->mock ('write', sub {my $arg=shift;print "wrote $arg to the serial po +rt\n"} ); } else { $port = new Device::SerialPort("/dev/$opt_p"); }

So I would hope to see things like

wrote ATZ\r to the serial port

Instead I see

wrote Test::MockObject=HASH(0x885d760) to the serial port

The doc for Test::MockObject says

* "mock(*name*, *coderef*)" Adds a coderef to the object. This allows code to call the nam +ed method on the object. For example, this code: my $mock = Test::MockObject->new(); $mock->mock( 'fluorinate', sub { 'impurifying precious bodily fluids' } ); print $mock->fluorinate; will print a helpful warning message.

Clearly I get a helpful message showing me that the sub has been called. But I infer that the sub I provide in the mock ('write', ...) statement does not get the arguments that are provided to the write.

Is there something I am missing?

Everybody knows signatures don't exist