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Re: My Career2.0

by december (Pilgrim)
on May 04, 2009 at 09:28 UTC ( #761684=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My Career2.0

Can't you go into team leading or training junior programmers? I've been thinking to move more into the team leading, project planning and network architecture direction myself, because I really like to spend more time doing social interaction rather than just sitting behind the computer the whole time.

My main activity is Unix system administration and security auditing rather than programming, though.

When (and not if) I'm truly fed-up with IT, I would probably try to study medicine or clinical psychology, because I'm interested in the human brain and more specifically sleeping disorders.

I've also got a degree in several languages, and I could get some translation work here and there if I'd look for it. Learning a language is something I'd advise to people who want something new/extra, because it gives you an immediate edge over others in international environments at least when you choose wisely...

"Jobs that generate lots of money" aren't exactly up for grabs just like that, and you would need to start over from a pretty low position unless it's related to your current employment. Obviously nobody hands out well-paid positions with lots of responsibility to people that haven't proven themselves... In this economical climate, you could do so much worse than having a decent job and regular pay-check, even if the job gets a bit boring and one-dimensional...

I don't want to sound negative, but if you come to an internet forum asking how you could make a lot of money, you probably aren't the kind of person that will get filthy rich... It seems people who "generate lots of money" have a nose for that sort of thing all by themselves. And while I think IT people usually get a decent pay, I don't think it's the best sector (anymore?) to get rich easily. Good techies would make less than good economics/manager folks... Being a programmer, you probably fall into the former category rather than the latter. You'd have to move more into managing or economical matters. Or well, inventing something really new and amazing and then being able to sell it is one other way to get some money, but such great creative ideas are rare, and you'd not be asking here if you had some. ;)

Anyway, good luck with whatever you do...

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