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Re^2: Xml::Twig:Xpath Xpath expression error

by leonidlm (Pilgrim)
on Apr 16, 2009 at 10:32 UTC ( [id://757928]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Xml::Twig:Xpath Xpath expression error
in thread Xml::Twig:Xpath Xpath expression error

Thank you, I changed it but I still having problems with running even simple expressions. like:
why? it appears in XML::XPath examples as valid syntax!

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Re^3: Xml::Twig:Xpath Xpath expression error
by mirod (Canon) on Apr 16, 2009 at 11:03 UTC

    The thing is, there is no direct textual content in any of the FlowRater elements, so text() is empty, hence //OverallConnectionPoolStatus/FlowRater/text() won't return much.

    //OverallConnectionPoolStatus/FlowRater/Name/text() OTOH, will indeed give you the contents of the Name elements, if you write, for example: print map { $_ } $section->findnodes( q{//OverallConnectionPoolStatus/FlowRater/Name/text()} );.

      Thank you. I tried that. The returned output is again, as before, a syntax error:
      error in xpath expression //OverallConnectionPoolStatus/FlowRater/Name +/text() ar ound text() at D:\Scripts\prun84\ line 27 at D:\Scripts\prun84\ line 8 at D:\Scripts\prun84\ line 8
      You said it won't do much, but it shouldn't crash with an error if the expression will return nothing! I think there is a problem somehow with loading the XML::Twig::XPath module, somehow I believe I still using the XML::Twig engine. Can it be ? Just to make sure I attach the full program:
      use XML::Twig::XPath; my $t = XML::Twig::XPath->new( twig_roots => { 'BalancerStatus/WebServer/OverallConnectionPoolStatus' => +\&section, #'BalancerStatus/WebServer/BalancerStatus/Server' => \&sec +tion }); $t->parsefile( 'localhost.xml'); # sub section { my ($t, $section) = @_; my $a = $section->get_xpath( q{//OverallConnectionPoolStatus/FlowR +ater/Name/text()} ); $t->purge; }

        Don't use get_xpath, use findnodes, as the docs state:

        XML::Twig does not provide natively full XPATH support, but you can use "XML::Twig::XPath" to get "findnodes" to use "XML::XPath" as the XPath engine, with full coverage of the spec.

        Actually the development version of XML::Twig produces the following message in that situation:

        error in xpath expression //OverallConnectionPoolStatus/FlowRater/Name/text() around text() the expression is a valid XPath statement, and you are using XML::Twig::XPath, but you are using either 'find_nodes' or 'get_xpath' where the method you likely wanted to use is 'findnodes', which is the only one that uses the full XPath engine

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