The Apprentice went to Zen Master: on his face there were five red signs recalling an unfriendly hand. Zen Master smiled between himself, mentally figuring one or two possibilities.

"What's up, Apprentice?".
"I thought I've learned in the Monastery that there's always a way to do it with Perl, so I tried to use my wisdom to.... err... convincing a girl to...".
"Mmm... To be honest, I said that there's more than a way to do it, but sometimes there's absolutely no way to do it. But, how did you tried to do that?"
The embarassed Apprentice spoke softly...
"perl -MBone::Easy -e 'print pickup . "\n"'..."
The Zen Master said with a grin: "Never trust two things: pseudo-random number generators and sense of humour in a woman".
And the Apprentice gained (a bit of) Enlightenment.

Disclaimer: It's not my intention to offend girls in the Monastery. Zen Master's opinions do not reflect my own.