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hello Monks,

I have a problem at work that involves getting data from diary fields in a Remedy database. I'm using ARSPerl, which gets the data as an array of hashes. The ARSPerl documentation suggests a ways to get the data out of the hashes, but it doesn't work. I tried about 4 other things and they didn't work. One of these was from section 4.7.3 of Programming Perl.

I won't bore you with the details of every attempt. The last thing I tried looks like this:

my %hash = $diary_data[0]; my @temp1 = keys %hash; print "%hash\n"; foreach $temp2 (@temp1) { print "$temp2\n"; print "$hash{$temp2}\n"; }

This printed:

Reference found where even-sized list expected at ./ l +ine 200.<BR> Use of uninitialized value at ./ line 204.<BR> ARRAY(0x3c05dc)

(Line 200 starts with "my %hash" in the snippet above.

At this point, I'm wondering if there is a bug somewhere in this package? I have the same problem running this script on Solaris and on NT. I'm wondering about the error about an "even-sized list expected".

Thanks for the help.