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RFC: Module name for a flashcard application on CPAN?

by Xenofur (Monk)
on Mar 03, 2009 at 17:21 UTC ( #747816=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Xenofur has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:


There'll probably be more RFCs from me on this subject, but for today i have only this question.

I'm currently writing a cross-platform gui flashcard application in wxPerl in order to help me with language studies. I intend to upload it to CPAN and have gotten the access for that. Before i do that though I'd like to get some input on the name of the modules themselves.

I've named them for now as such:
  • Edu::Flashcards - The application itself.
  • Edu::Flashcards::Sets::Hiragana::Romaji_Simple - One card set, with the first level being the kind of thing that's asked for and the second level describing the answer type.
  • Edu::Flashcards::Audiobank::Japanese_Syllables - Installs wav files into the distribution share path. Optional.
Did i make any heinous mistakes in these namings or is it good enough to go ahead and request the namespace as well as upload?

For anyone interested in the code itself, my source repository is publicly accessible.
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Re: RFC: Module name for a flashcard application on CPAN?
by samtregar (Abbot) on Mar 03, 2009 at 18:15 UTC
    Yes, you did commit a mistake. Inventing your own top level namespace (in this case Edu) is almost always wrong. Instead, how about App::Flashcards? I don't think you need to indicate that it's educational - are there non-educational flashcards?


      are there non-educational flashcards?
      Yes, I have one in my camera. (Though I guess sometimes it's educational.)

      Now that the phrase "flashcard" has been hi-jacked by electronics manufacturers, I'd suggest making an effort to disambiguate. My suggestion would be to use the word "Quiz" (which is short, unambiguous, and an actual English word... most competitors fail one or more of those: "Edu", "Educational", "Exam", "Examination", "Learning", "Study").

      So, possibly App::Quiz::Flashcards, but I think I would go with Quiz::Flashcards (for better or worse, there's already a top-level "Quiz").

        Very useful advice, thanks!

        Using "Quiz" is a very good idea as that's what it is meant to do. Actually learning the information should happen in another context, with the flashcard app only serving as a tool to reinforce the knowledge and to improve recall time.

        A::Q::F would get a bit longwinded, i think, however i will keep it in mind in case any problems crop up with Q::F.
      Well, i was thinking in how I'd browse through an ftp, i.e. educational stuff goes in "edu". However i wasn't even aware that the TLN didn't exist. Thanks a lot for pointing it out and also for the suggestion of a better name.

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