Q&A > HTTP and FTP clients > trying to run a perl program in HTML - Answer contributed by tinman

You need to install a webserver on your computer.. use IIS, PWS, or even Apache for Win32..

Next, write a HTML form as so..

<form action="" method="post"> <input type="submit" name="sub" value="Run this!"> </form>
on your page..

Inside your CGI script (yes, you've writen a CGI script now), execute the Perl script that you want using exec or system or backticks like so..

#!c:/perl/bin -w use strict; use CGI; my $q = new CGI; my $path_to_program = "c:/perl/myprog/"; my $return_value = system("c:/perl/bin/perl.exe",$path_to_program); # this is the actual execution of the script. # now you can put a message to the user print $q->header; # send correct header, text/html # put HTML here

It might be best if you restrict access to this script to ONLY your machine..