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Re^3: RFC: Array::GroupBy (Moose)

by salva (Canon)
on Jan 08, 2009 at 18:44 UTC ( #734978=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: RFC: Array::GroupBy (Moose)
in thread RFC: Array::GroupBy

I'll start by saying that I expect Moose to be ubiquitous. If it's not now, it will be.
Moose has a huge loading time that makes it unsuitable for many tasks. On my (somewhat old) computer...
$ time perl -e 'package foo; use Moose' real 0m1.052s user 0m0.880s sys 0m0.044s $ time perl -e 'package foo' real 0m0.008s user 0m0.000s sys 0m0.008s
I see no problem using Moose inside big long lived applications or frameworks like Catalyst and alike. But using it in a generic CPAN module unnecessarily limits where that module can be used.


$ time perl -e 'package foo; use Params::Validate' real 0m0.066s user 0m0.028s sys 0m0.008s

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Re^4: RFC: Array::GroupBy (Moose)
by stvn (Monsignor) on Jan 09, 2009 at 21:38 UTC

    This is actually the problem that Mouse was written to solve, you might want to test that load time on your machine.

    And remember, nothing in life is free and in just about ever computing problem there are tradeoffs. You have to pay something somewhere to get all that Moose provides, we happened to have optimized for runtime over compile time.


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