in reply to RFC: Array::GroupBy

Interesting. What does using Moose buy you in this particular case? Or to put it another way, how much make-work code would you have to add if you didn't use it?

This is more than an idle question, because if I really needed your module for the very specific problem it solves, I think I'd be a bit upset if I discovered that it pulled in a comparatively huge OO framework. This is in no way meant as disrepect to Moose. It's more a question of ratios: the Moose tarball is 250Kb, not counting its twenty or so dependencies. Sledgehammer, meet egg.

Would it take twenty lines to implement this as a dependency-free module? A hundred lines? Would it be painful? I guess it comes down to whether one considers Moose as a reasonable building block for small, special-purpose modules.

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