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Tilly, out of interest what is it that you "don't like" about Text::CSV? I am also wondering why you chose to write a new module rather than either improve or extend the existing one. I can see Text::xSV has features that Text:CSV does not but would it not be better to add that functionality to Text::CSV? I know people have a lot of reasons for writing yet another mail clinet or wp but given the fairly limited scope and function of these two modules I don't see any gain out of two efforts...

Sometimes CPAN has so many modules to do similar functions it is quite daunting to know which to choose- I look for recomendations, I look for authors names I know. However if it is possible I stick with the "standard modules", they have been blessed by a "higher authority", they are one less thing to worry about during upgrades etc and I know they will be maintained (not saying you won't). So aside from the reasons relating to duplication of effort I think there are some good reasons to having your code form part of a standard module.

I'd appreciate hearing your reasoning for going the way that you have

update: note to self- read the documentation before making assumptions :) Thanks tilly.

my $chainsaw = 'Perl';