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Hi Monkers,
I have use the DBD::Sybase one year or so. That's nice to work to connect SqlServer.
But recently, i came across a strange garbage issues. pls help me to check.

I wanna insert a Asian characters' html content into SqlServer ,
if i do it like this, it work nicely.

$some_content = 'so long Asian character (maybe it contain single quot +ation)'; $sql = "insert into test_table(field) values ($dbh->quote($some_conten +t))"; $dbh->do($sql); # you know, this works.
But if i do it by another way, i get some garbage character in test_table:
$some_content = $dbh->quote('so long Asia character (maybe it contain +single quotation)'); $sth = $dbh->prepare("insert into test_table(field) values (?)"); $sth->execute($some_content); $sth->finish();
What's wrong with the second method? Or it is a $dbh->quote bug in Asian character?
Thanks in advance!