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Happiness. If I am happy, I can focus on anything I want.

Maintaining focus really depends on external sources, you can practice all you want, but most of us will still be slaves to our emotions - of course, I choose to continue to practice, because the benefits are there.

As for work, if I can't get anything done - and I know that I won't be missed, I'll take off with a good book to a coffee shop and read up on the craft, without a computer in front of me. But at the same time, if I feel extra creative or just happen to solve a problem at midnight, I'll log on and work from home.

I don't think creativity can be harnessed to a 9 to 5 schedule. You have to take the moments when you can.

jeffa's guide to meditation: YMMV and will!

  1. lie down on your back, make sure your neck is comfortable
  2. don't think - take all of your thoughts and direct them to /dev/null, continue when your mind is sufficiently stable
  3. breathe deep - breathe fresh air in from 'the top of your head', and the stale old air out 'the bottom of your feet'
  4. if nobody is around - chant! as you breathe out, low and strong - sounds silly, but the VIBRATIONS in your throat will help you to concentrate and keep the chit chat away
  5. your head should be light and buzzing, keep breathing
  6. start with your feet - put them to sleep, feel them disappear
  7. move up your legs, torso, and arms - neck and face muscles - all completely relaxed and NUMB, but there
  8. your mind should now be awake, but your body is asleep - hold on as long as you can, and don't be afraid: fear is the mind killer, it will snap you back awake
This really works, and it only takes 30 minutes to feel like you have rested for 8 hours. It is hard and takes a lot of practice, however. I have successfully achieved meditation before, but only 3 times. Most of the time I can only practice at keeping my mind quiet.

Hope this helps . . .Oh yeah, almost forgot - control. Don't try to take control of everything, just let it go. I am still working on this one. :)

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