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Re: One regex construct to handle multiple string types

by johngg (Canon)
on Nov 29, 2008 at 12:08 UTC ( #726771=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to One regex construct to handle multiple string types

If you want to find a single digit followed by a single upper-case letter anywhere on the line so that "33G" or "5AB" do not match you could use look-around assertions. Look behind assertions can't be variable width so here I use an alternation of two, one for beginning of string (it's an anchor so has zero width) and one for a non-digit (width of one).

use strict; use warnings; while( <DATA> ) { chomp; printf q{%16s : }, $_; print m{(?x) (?: (?<=\A) | (?<=\D) ) (\d[A-Z]) (?![A-Z])} ? qq{Found $1\n} : qq{No match\n}; } __DATA__ 2L bar.2L bar.ber.bir. 2L pob33J.slob bar.ber.bir.2L foo.3Hbar jar.8GH 6Ytootle par.4T.spootle

The output.

2L : Found 2L bar.2L : Found 2L bar.ber.bir. 2L : Found 2L pob33J.slob : No match bar.ber.bir.2L : Found 2L foo.3Hbar : Found 3H jar.8GH : No match 6Ytootle : Found 6Y par.4T.spootle : Found 4T

I hope this is of interest.



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