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OK, newbies! It's time for the first installment of the Brain Teaser. Click For some background on these "Brain Teasers". A reminder to all you Perl gurus out there, this is for newbies only! If you can come up with the answer without having to think very hard, please don't bother with this. If you learn something from this exercise, though, feel free to vote this node up.

The code below is designed to give you some practice with conditional statements. What do you predict will be output by this code? You can reveal the answer on the "replies" page. How this code works will be posted soon so be sure to bookmark this node.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w 1 use strict; 2 3 my @list = qw(1 2 3 4 5); 4 my $each = ""; 5 my $i = 0; 6 my @newlist = (); 7 8 foreach $each (@list) { 9 $each *= 2; 10 $newlist[$i] = $each; 11 ++$i; 12 } 13 14 for ($i= 0; $i<5; ++$i) { 15 print ($newlist[$i] - $list[$i], "\n"); 16 }