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Re^2: Monk Links reprise?

by blazar (Canon)
on Nov 05, 2008 at 12:00 UTC ( #721619=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Monk Links reprise?
in thread Monk Links reprise?

If this is something that you really want, why not pick it up yourself? Based on your XP, I'm assuming that you have reasonable programming skills.

(First of all, apologies for replying so late!)

I personally believe that this is a rather gratuitous assumption. In fact you can earn XP just by voting: don't confuse personal XP, which is connected with the presence at the Monastery and with taking part to its activities, and nodes' XP, which should reflect their technical value.

If you are not familiar with JavaScript, there are a billion and one resources out there to help you. If you are not familiar with XUL (more likely), here is a tutorial ( and there is also, although the latter site doesn't appear to be working as I write this.

Actually, you gave me same link twice. And yes, it seems down, ATM. (Incidentally, you can make your life easier -IMHO- by using the Monastery's shortcuts for the insertion of links rather than hardcoding <a href=""> tags... That's what we're talking about, after all...) But that's not the point: what you propose is actually very good... however you can judge from the delay with which I'm answering to you just how "busy" I am. (In some sense that's terribly relevant for me!) Rather than rewriting everything from scratch, I'm pointing you to a relatively recent post of mine: fundamentally, things are still like that. The only variation since then is that I started actually using TiddlyWiki albeit on a sparse basis - but it's helping me more than the random txt files that eventually get lost all the time: I have the constant impression that I can "get our more out of it" and I'm actually reading its documentation to cope with that... but in small steps not to loose more time than it would help me to save.

To be fair, I'm not familiar with JS at all and it is one language I would consider for learning. But... I simply have other priorities. Not only: I have other priorities and I seem unable to manage most of them most of the time. Only here, if you could see my chatterbox in this very moment, you'll notice that it's full of notifications of comments to which I want to reply... And then I have things to do out of the Monastery too! (Both in the virtual world and in the Real™ one.)

If you can't understand the incipit, then please check the IPB Campaign.

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