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I searched CPAN and 75% of tests of the module fail

Speaking with my Crypt-SSLeay maintainer hat here, I wouldn't be too worried about those errors. When I took over maintenance, there were no tests at all.

I added some tests, and some of them fail, such as if port 443 is already in use on localhost, or if the machine is firewalled off from the internet. I need to allow the tests to fail with grace :)

As a general rule, if the modules compiles without error, and the XS component can be loaded, the module will be just fine. That is, all is well if perl -MNet::SSL -e 1 produces no error message.

The documentation does say, and I cite:


Crypt::SSLeay builds correctly with Strawberry Perl.

For Activestate users, the ActiveState company does not have a permit from the Canadian Federal Government to distribute cryptographic software. This prevents Crypt::SSLeay from being distributed as a PPM package from their repository. See for more information on this issue.

You may download it from Randy Kobes's PPM repository by using the following command ...

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