Greetings, monks.

Since the question tacked on to the end of my post here hasn't got any bites yet, I thought I'd bring it up here, where it's on topic. (And visible; I for one don't read Perl Poetry that often...)

In the aforementioned post I shared a (somewhat silly) mnemonic for remembering the structure of a printf() conversion specifier (the bit from the percent to the conversion type character, inclusive).

So, the question: have any of you come across or devised Perl mnemonics? There seems a notable dearth of nodes here on this. I like the idea - for me it means reciting a quick poem or phrase instead of spending 5 minutes skimming POD trying to find what I want. The benefit is not only time saved, it's more Perl knowledge inside your head.

Please share. I just read TheDamian's mnemonic for distinguishing the /s and /m regex switches, and I want more! :)

email: perl -e 'print reverse map { chr( ord($_)-1 ) } split //, "\x0bufo/hojsfufqAofc";'