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Here's my entry at 105 characters:

A check for correctness would be to print out each sequence on its own line and look for a triangle effect:
axxxx axxxx axxxx 1bxxx 1bxxx 1bxxx 12cxx 12cxx 12cxx 123dx 123dx 123dx 1234e 1234e 1234e 12345 12345 where a != 1, b != 2, c != 3, d != 4, e != 5 x = can be any digit

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Re^2: Golf: Movie style code cracker.
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Sep 14, 2008 at 02:55 UTC

    A problem is that this always produces the same code: 4294967295?

    Which would be good for movie continuity I suppose, but the nerds would pick up on the number and complain bitterly :)

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      Works for me. The inconsistency is most probably caused by non-portable code:
      (~0 & $a) != int($a)

      Fine! I've updated my entry by one extra character :)