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Kephra 0.3.10 is out

by sir_lichtkind (Friar)
on Sep 04, 2008 at 21:02 UTC ( #709119=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The lovely editor written in Perl made today a noteworthy release on Sourceforge and CPAN( announcement on our homepage). Its the first public version where you can just press a button (F5) and see the output in a seperate panel. That was not only a long time desired feature for me and others, but also the one thing padre did better most clearly. So I had to do something.

I delayed such things before, because i wanted them to integrate as extensions (plugins) and API for that was still in developement. Now I reversed the situation, even the API is getting in shape now. I wrote 2 extension to see what's needed and model API after that. thatswhy I also post here now. if you're INTERESTED to write your own extension don't wait. Maybe it will not be shipped with the editor, but I will help you because you help already me, when I see what extensions do need.

And yes, i have still problems on my own (with testsuite - you have to currently force the install) the logging system (switch to the internal wx logger) and proper syntax modes (so you can define all the tools, comment type and so on per language-this is not a perl only editor), but so far I solved every problem i encountered.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: Kephra has a Problem with newest WxPerl, i disabled the minor feature causing that all and shipped now. It containes also 2 small fixes I did yesterday after releasing.

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Re: Kephra 0.3.10 is out
by Lawliet (Curate) on Sep 04, 2008 at 21:39 UTC

    Looks interesting. Until the whole "lack of Linux download" notice. :(

    I'm so adjective, I verb nouns!

    chomp; # nom nom nom

      your source under linux is CPAN, but yes there are still no deb or rpm if you mean that. and yes its bit ugly that you have to force but thats the next topic for me.

      Kephra, a beautiful Perl Editor sits at

        Well I did not switch to linux to have to do things myself! Chop chop.


        I'm so adjective, I verb nouns!

        chomp; # nom nom nom

        the download is a moveable installation which is much harder to do under linux *g*

        Kephra, a beautiful Perl Editor sits at

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