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by Fingo (Monk)
on Apr 08, 2001 at 20:33 UTC ( #70849=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I originaly posted this in the PM merchandise/icon design quest, but thought that it should go here instead.
Who controls the perl dev-team?
Who makes all the BOFHs so mean?
We do!  We do!

Who runs CPAN underground?
Who keeps modules all profound?
We do!  We do!

Who makes regex act so nice?
Who makes objects look like mice?
We do!  We do!

Who writes the most cleanest code?
Who has the great camel node?
We do!  We do!

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Small grammar issue.
by orkysoft (Friar) on Apr 12, 2001 at 16:04 UTC

    Very cool text, but the line:

    Who writes the most cleanest code?

    is a bit grammatically challenged, for the sake of rhythm. However, you could change it to something like this:

    Who writes the very cleanest code?


    There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not try to adjust the connection. We control the gateway ... ... and the firewall.

Re: Stonecutters
by Anonymous Monk on May 14, 2001 at 21:11 UTC
    I think to make the line where it says "the most cleanest code" more grammatically correct, you could change it to "all the cleanest code". Just a thought... :)

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