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Re: Benchmarking "Are all these characters in this sentence?"

by rhesa (Vicar)
on Aug 30, 2008 at 19:01 UTC ( #707943=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Benchmarking "Are all these characters in this sentence?"

Here are the results using perl, v5.10.0 built for x86_64-linux. Interesting changes in ranking.

I'm surprised tye's /./gs solution took such a hit. The unpack and index solutions did get a bit faster, but not much. Weren't regexes supposed to have gotten a bit faster in 5.10?

Short Rate tallulah_OriginalPost tallulah_OriginalPost 114/s -- Tanktalus_AllRegex 160/s 40% Tanktalus_AllRegex_Study 161/s 41% varian_hash 190/s 66% moritz_BuildRegex_WithStudy 293/s 157% moritz_BuildRegex 313/s 174% RMGir_slice 345/s 203% tye2 426/s 273% tye1 426/s 273% tye0 570/s 399% unpack_allindex 598/s 424% unpack_allrindex 599/s 425% repellent_unpack 710/s 522% Tanktalus_AllIndex 710/s 522% RMGir_index 881/s 671% tassilo_listutils_r 1037/s 808% buk 1280/s 1021%
LongShort Rate varian_hash varian_hash 6.86/s -- RMGir_slice 9.52/s 39% tallulah_OriginalPost 171/s 2387% Tanktalus_AllRegex_Study 196/s 2750% Tanktalus_AllRegex 241/s 3413% moritz_BuildRegex_WithStudy 265/s 3765% moritz_BuildRegex 411/s 5889% tye2 587/s 8447% tye1 599/s 8630% unpack_allrindex 697/s 10059% unpack_allindex 725/s 10461% Tanktalus_AllIndex 799/s 11544% repellent_unpack 853/s 12334% tye0 948/s 13709% RMGir_index 993/s 14373% tassilo_listutils_r 1291/s 18717% buk 1570/s 22779% ShortLong Rate tallulah_OriginalPost tallulah_OriginalPost 3.81/s -- Tanktalus_AllRegex 5.88/s 54% Tanktalus_AllRegex_Study 6.00/s 57% moritz_BuildRegex_WithStudy 6.19/s 63% moritz_BuildRegex 6.25/s 64% varian_hash 6.93/s 82% repellent_unpack 15.0/s 293% tye0 17.0/s 345% tye1 17.0/s 345% tye2 17.3/s 353% RMGir_index 18.3/s 380% unpack_allrindex 19.0/s 400% unpack_allindex 19.4/s 410% RMGir_slice 23.1/s 506% Tanktalus_AllIndex 24.8/s 550% tassilo_listutils_r 26.9/s 605% buk 47.3/s 1141% LongLong Rate tallulah_OriginalPost tallulah_OriginalPost 3.77/s -- varian_hash 4.76/s 26% Tanktalus_AllRegex 5.83/s 54% Tanktalus_AllRegex_Study 5.94/s 57% moritz_BuildRegex_WithStudy 6.14/s 63% moritz_BuildRegex 6.19/s 64% RMGir_slice 10.9/s 189% repellent_unpack 13.2/s 249% RMGir_index 15.3/s 306% tye2 16.5/s 337% tye0 16.8/s 346% tye1 16.8/s 346% unpack_allrindex 19.0/s 405% unpack_allindex 19.3/s 411% Tanktalus_AllIndex 24.8/s 556% tassilo_listutils_r 27.1/s 618% buk 46.7/s 1137% VeryLong Rate varian_hash varian_hash 11.6/s -- RMGir_slice 16.0/s 38% tallulah_OriginalPost 203/s 1648% Tanktalus_AllRegex_Study 249/s 2046% Tanktalus_AllRegex 293/s 2427% moritz_BuildRegex_WithStudy 393/s 3282% moritz_BuildRegex 540/s 4551% tye1 757/s 6420% tye2 763/s 6471% tye0 844/s 7174% unpack_allrindex 1062/s 9047% unpack_allindex 1110/s 9463% repellent_unpack 1174/s 10015% Tanktalus_AllIndex 1268/s 10824% RMGir_index 1382/s 11810% buk 1722/s 14737% tassilo_listutils_r 1777/s 15208%

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Re^2: Benchmarking "Are all these characters in this sentence?"
by RMGir (Prior) on Aug 30, 2008 at 20:17 UTC
    I'm having a lot of fun with this... I was so sure slicing was going to beat everything else, how wrong!

    I expected 5.10.0 to shuffle things, but not this way, thanks!


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