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Hello Monks,

Here's the deal in short form. I have an XML document that I have parsed nicely using XML::SIMPLE and then I used the parsed information to make a very basic HTML document.YOu click on someone, and it takes you where it is in that document. Simple...beautiful.

Here's what I've been asked to do. I need to make this HTML document interactive. So that when something is clicked on, it only displays certain information in another window. The scripts are not on my machine but a server, while the HTML document is on my computer. The server is very secure, because it's a research server, so I can't do HTML requests, and I think that throws out cgi as well. Anyway that's the short story.

Now, if you're curious I'll provide a tad more info. I am a biochem student doing research in Autism Genomics but I've got perl and programming into the mix. I need it so that when you click on a certain chromosome, only Autism genes from that chromosome (which I have collected earlier and stored in a file) appear in a new window separate from all other chromosome gene info. (As per request of my supervisor). WHY HTML? Because my supervisor wanted a 200 page report which she could print and read through and then was impressed at my mad HTML skills and now wants it fancier but not too fancy. I'd also prefer not to reinvent the wheel and take a totally new angle.