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I have to write a script that can take a file that is in the format:
TRU-01(A),07Jul2008 03:00:01,ECG X/X,SAO2 X/X,NBP 115/59 77 02:41,CO2 +X/X/X,ST X/X/X,ST X/X/X,ST X/X/X,ST X/X/X
Most of the time, the file is missing certain statistics, such as SAO2, RESP, etc.

I need to be able to create a standardized formatting each time, so the log file will always have name1 data1, name 2 data2, etc.

However, the problem is that the data is often arranged differently, so NBP and its data might come before ECG and its data.

I think the easiest way would simply be to read the file for all the different names, sort those alphabetically, and use that to create a standard order for the data to appear in.

If anyone could suggest a way to do that, i would greatly appreciate it.