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Slightly off-topic, but ...

From TFA, "Currently, there are only two Perl projects relating specifically to cloud computing of which I am aware. There's Jeff Kim's great work on Net::Amazon::EC2 [...] and then there's the Net::Cloud (link forthcoming) project. I registered that namespace about two years ago..."

So in fact there's only one project. The other is vaporware and the CPAN namespace has been squatted for two years. Not that I'm bitter, but long-term namespace squatting is a real pain. Three times over the past few years I've found what at first glance would be the solution to a particular problem. On closer look it's just a movie set, where you open a door and there's just plaster and wood struts, and blue sky on the other side.

I wish people would get over this aspect. So what if someone else releases Net::Cloud before you? Firstly, the likelyhood is very low. Secondly, there's a fair chance that you'll probably wind up collaborating on the project if it the name is sufficiently well calibrated to the problem domain. Thirdly, when/if both of those avenues don't pan out, you could always pun(t?) the issue and name your module Net::Altostratus.


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