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Funnily enough, we're currently looking at Postgres vs MySQL at work, since Oracle seems to be sucking up higher and higher percentages of our budget, and we already use open source solutions to a lot of other problems, so it seems to make sense.

I haven't really used Postgres in about 4 years, but even then I preferred it to MySQL. It seems that in that time, while MySQL has made up for a lot of it's shortcomings, Postgres has continued to improve as well. It's now ever surpassed MySQL in the one thing it used to trail on - performance.

On top of that, Postgres is true open source, not backed by a company like MySQL. InnoDB (which is what gives MySQL a lot of it's improved data integrity) is closed source, and licensed from Oracle. What happens if Oracle decides to terminate that license?

The only thing is MySQL is deployed a lot more widely than Postgres (which is somewhat analogous to PHP and Perl). I'm using MySQL for a personal project of mine at the moment, because my hosting provider has it available by default. Maybe this will start to change, especially if MySQL ends up moving in a different direction in the hands of Sun.

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