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Hey all. I'm just curious,

Webalizer is a great log statistics tool for a webserver, but I am wondering whether there is a Perl module (or combo of Perl modules) that does what Webalizer does, but with more detail?

A lot of organizations and individuals do a great deal of log parsing (in this case web server log parsing), and they have their reasons for that. However, Is there a platform-independent Perl solution to providing Web Server Statistics in a fashion that equals or perhaps does more than Webalizer? I'm not talking about a fully blown CMS, no. A log watcher that provides methods for statistical purposes either on a single site or multiple sites that lends scalability -- in terms of the number of sites/hosts and CGI integration ability per site/host.

I don't want to take anything away from the Webalizer developers, because they do a great job. Just wondering whether somebody, or some people have gone to the effort in Perl to achieve the same goals & more, and if so, what are the pro's and con's.