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I've been struggling to not mess up my linux (Ubuntu 7.10) installation like I've previously used to do. Now, with a rather fresh install of Ubuntu (and updates), I wanted to avoid having issues with aptitude and cpan running in each others way.

So, I've set PERL5LIB to ~/perl5lib and cpan seems happy to run without sudo. Somehow I've got a helping of ~/share with ~/share/perl/5.8.8 and a lot of the modules I've installed or upgraded with cpan seems to go there, but well, it seems ok.

Now, I wanted to install SQL::Translator, but the install bails out complaining:

Sorry, PREFIX is not supported. See the Module::Build documentation for 'destdir' or 'install_base' instead.

Well, I added a ~/.modulebuildrc file with sole content:

install --install_path /home/kai/perl5lib
but the same "Sorry, PREFIX ..." results.

I need some suggestions here now, or some better (super|google)search-terms than I've managed to come up with myself.

Also, I've tried to set --install_path to the same as PERL5LIB, is that wise? silly? enough?

Thanks for all the good sugestions. They will probably help, but I'm not entirely there yet, so more suggestions are still welcome.

Update 2:
I've got SQL::Translator installed using

look SQL::Translator perl Build.PL --install_base /home/kai/perl5lib ./Build test ./Build install
although I had to work my way backwards through a couple of dependencies that also barked the same way.
I'd really like to have .modulebuildrc correctly set up and working.
Now to new searches...
Update 3:
The version I'm using:
perl -MModule::Build -e 'print "$Module::Build::VERSION \n";' 0.2808