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I am Adrian P. Dunston, the Pedro Picasso on Kuro5hin, Scoop, Perlmonks, Slashdot, kakkune, Yahoo!, and a few other places. I am a Christian, programmer, actor, writer, game designer, and armchair humorist (though I own no armchairs). I run X-Omega(.com).

Lately I'm in to Perl Win32 Apache CGI Web applications. Here are a few helpful nodes:
Browser Timeout
Creating an independent process in Win32
How can I get better error messages from a CGI program?
Debugging perl cgi in apache
How can I make my CGI s‎crip‎t more efficient?
Package variables
RE (3): BrainPain-Help
How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)?
How can I pass/return a {Function, FileHandle, Array, Hash, Method, Regexp}?