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Thanks for this, AFAIK we are using utf8 functions correctly. However, it is very likely that somewhere in 200K lines of perl a simple string concat is happening between a UTF8 string and a non-UTF8 string. My idea is to try to trap this so we can find it. The only way I can think of doing is to overload the concat operator. I'm also keen to know if it is possible. We tried this but it does not work...
use strict; package UNIVERSAL; use overload "." => \&concat; sub concat { my ($a, $b) = @_; return join "XXX", $a, $b; } package Foo; my $thing = "cat" . "dog"; print "\n\n\n$thing\n\n\n";
This produces catdog

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by Juerd (Abbot) on Mar 16, 2008 at 01:29 UTC