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I am struggling to get MakeMaker to integrate an extra DLL into a build.

I have an XS module, with its associated bits & pieces generated by h2xs. All is fine, and nmake all works for the main module. However, I have another DLL, (EnvProcessDll) which does not use XS or anything perly, required to be built at the same time (this is going to be used for DLL injection). I added this to Makefile.PL:
sub MY::postamble { return <<'MAKE_FRAG'; Dll: EnvProcessDll.c $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) EnvProcessDll.c /link /OUT:.\$(INST_ARCHLIB)\aut +o\$(FULLEXT)\EnvProcessDll.$(SO) -dll MAKE_FRAG }
This generates a Makefile where the target, Dll, can be built using nmake Dll. How do I arrange Makefile.PL so that this target is included in nmake all?

I could just document the extra nmake, but I intend to put this on CPAN and the extra step would be missing by those reluctant to RTFM.