Would it be possible to create a new Q&A category specific for generalized perl question? It could be a place to put the infamous:
How do I know what modules are on my box?
Try doing this with your code because:
What is the best way to find this obscure bit in perldocs?
Beware of this when writing stuff:
and the such.

Questions that those of us that are totally new can ask for those that follow. Kind of like warnings when using the system etc. It seems to me that the Q&A has a lot of warning/solutions for specific tasks, maybe we need a newbies only area for the stuff that is not self evident to newbies.
I am very grateful for the help I have been given here, but I remember trying to learn unix and getting a "do a man on this" response for help. I know there are a lot of hard core people that believe they did it the hard way so everyone should, but why not teach what we had to fumble through?
Perl docs and man pages are EXTREMELY useful- if you know how to use them.
Unfortunately us total perl newbies often don't have an idea how to use them to our advantages.