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Re: Free Perl IDE for a begginer

by fenLisesi (Priest)
on Jan 12, 2008 at 12:21 UTC ( #662048=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Free Perl IDE for a begginer


Many monks use GNU emacs or vi along with the Perl debugger, but ActiveState products are probably closer to what you are after. Some of their products are available free of charge, but you must see for yourself whether those are enough for you. You may find the ones that are only available for a fee affordable, too.

Why don't you post more of those problems here, by the way? Let the Monks Collective work for you.

You can use Super Search on this site or google for something like IDE (and choose recent nodes) to come up with threads such as What's the best Perl IDE?, which probably has good pointers for you.

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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Re^2: Free Perl IDE for a begginer
by karpatov (Beadle) on Jan 12, 2008 at 13:18 UTC
    Thanks for reply.
    I will have a look at those tools.

    I already asked some question a few days ago and got many useful suggestions just during a few hours. In fact the nice stance towards the beginners I experienced is one of the reason why I am considering learning some Perl although its syntax is really scaring for me (especially when I saw a few code chunks written by Perl and Python side by side :-)). karpatov
      Perl often lets you code the way you want to code and it is easy to abuse that, especially for the kind of "comparison" that you mentioned. It should be easy to provide counter examples. If you are concerned about how "standard" your code will look, you may want to

      • use strict;
      • use warnings;
      • get suggestions from Perl::Critic
      • get indentation and other formatting help from perltidy

      Actually, the first two are more like you should, no matter what you want, until you become an expert.

      Keep the questions coming. Cheers.

        you may want to

        use strict;
        use warnings;
        Actually, the first two are more like you should, no matter what you want, until you become an expert.

        And afterwards.

        Software speaks in tongues of man; I debug, therefore I code.
        Stop saying 'script'. Stop saying 'line-noise'.

      try the ptkdb debugger ptkdb found at I run it as follows: perl -d:ptkdb Terence
        Well... I've been looking for an IDE too. For a few years I have used PSPad to edit my scripts. It has good syntax highlighting and nice little features here and there. But I can't make it execute the scripts in a practical way. Let alone debugging... So I tried Eclipse + EPIC. Full of features. Surely powerful. But again, not practical. Just to start, I can't open a script by double-clicking on it in Explorer. As I probably do that 30~50 times a day, I'm sure I won't stand it for more than a few days. Open Perl IDE: nice interface, good features. Not as good an editor as Eclipse or PSPad, but good enough, I guess. I think I only miss the bracket highlighting of PSPad. A nice touch is the parameter line (for command-line arguments), next to the console, very easy to access. However, it doesn't seem to manage code snippets, and it has a nasty habit of creating a *.vpd file for each *.pl file I open. Overtime, my system will get cluttered with so many *.vpd files. It also hasn't been updated for quite a few years. Perl Express: used to be paid for, now it's free. Editor seems to be very similar to Open Perl IDE. But it supports code snippets and doesn't seem to create anything in my disc upon file opening. However, to enter command-line arguments, I have to open a menu, which is kind of annoying. The Open Perl IDE solution for this is way better. All three have an integrated debugger. I haven't tested them a lot, but I don't think I need anything better. Looks like they can all execute my scripts step-by-step and show me STDOUT and variable contents. That's enough for me. In summary: I'm inclined to try Perl Express for a while. Until I manage to run and debug with PSPad. Or until I get Open Perl IDE not to create (useless?) files in my discs. VMat

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