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A few favorites:
And a few others:
For more small apps, visit

Addendum: I forgot SpeedFan.
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Re^2: perlmonks recommended win32 programs
by Hercynium (Hermit) on Jan 10, 2008 at 02:41 UTC
    Speaking of SciTE, my favorite FOSS text editor on Win32 is Notepad++ which uses the scintilla editor as it's core, nicely packaged and configured and very user-friendly... if you want lots of nice features in a *very* light-weight package, but you don't want to waste/spend time tweaking, give it a try. I use it every day.

    I'm also quite fond of EPIC for the Eclipse Workbench. It helps bring the ease of developing and debugging with a full IDE to Perl.

    Also, Xming is a light, simple, effective X server I use every day.

    I'd like to give my endorsements for PuTTY and FileZilla and Firefox - and Opera. I would use Opera as my primary browser if only I wasn't so addicted to the FF add-ons. :)