From Dustin J. Mitchell on the amanda-users maillist:
As was discussed a few months ago, Amanda's going to Perl. That means
that we're building Perl interfaces to the Amanda core, and beginning
to rewrite Amanda applications in Perl.

This will be a part of the next release, which is coming up soon. Of
course, it's a big change, so we need some serious help testing it
out. To that end, we have a tarball available on the community builds

Please download the patch and test it out. Detailed instructions are at

Please let us know about any errors you encounter.

If you're a Perl hacker, please also take a look at

and consider chipping in.

Also, I will be hosting an interactive webinar on January 17.
I will be talking about the technical details of the Perl interface,
as well as ways that you can get involved, and will be taking questions,

See, and please attend!