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DHCP and DNS Compare

by Hyler (Sexton)
on Mar 30, 2000 at 20:14 UTC ( #6538=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Utility Scripts
Author/Contact Info Martin Hylerstedt
Description: For Windows NT administrators. Compares DHCP server and DNS server info to see if they match reasonably. Requires NT Resource Kit installed.
# A little something I cooked up to check if the DHCP 
#and the DNS servers matched reasonably, regarding name 
# and number.
# Done in ActivePerl on NT 4.0
# Needs NT Resource Kit installed, for using the 
# command 'dhcpcmd' to query the DHCP server.
# Macs using DHCP sometimes give (null) as computer name.

use Socket;
use Net::hostent;
use Time::localtime;

$DHCPserver = "111.222.333.444"; 
# your DHCP server's IP here
$scope = "111.222.333.0"; # the DHCP scope

sub makedhcphash(){
    concat(DHCPCMD, "dhcpcmd $DHCPserver enumclients $scope|");
    while ($line = <DHCPCMD>) {
    if ($line =~ /^\d/) {
        @fields = split(/\s+/,$line);
        $dhcphash{$fields[1]} = $fields[2];
    } # if ends

    } # while ends
    close DHCPCMD;
} # makedhcphash ends

sub makednshash(){
# With the wild assumption that the computer you 
# run the script on knows which DNS server, if any, 
# it should talk to.
    while (($ipnumber, $computername) = each(%dhcphash)) {
    unless ($h = gethost($ipnumber)) {
        $dnshash{$ipnumber} = "not";
    $dnshash{$ipnumber} = gethost("$ipnumber")->name;
    } # while ends
} # makednshash ends

sub twodigit {
# return string (mday, mon, hour and so on) as
# two digits. January is thus 01, not 1
    if ($_[0] =~ /\d/) {
    return "0" . $_[0];
    else {
    return $_[0];

sub comparehashes(){
# . operator concatenates string values
    $timestamp = twodigit(localtime->mday) . localtime->mon . localtim
+e->hour . localtime->min;
    while(($ip, $name) = each(%dhcphash)) {
    $_ = $dnshash{$ip};
    print $1;
    unless ($dhcphash{$ip} =~ /$1/i) {
        print OUT ($ip, " (", $dhcphash{$ip}, ") is ", $dnshash{$ip}, 
+" in DNS\n");
    } # unless ends
    } # while ends
} # comparehashes ends

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RE: DHCP and DNS Compare
by chromatic (Archbishop) on Mar 30, 2000 at 22:25 UTC
    Always check the status of your open calls! You'll spend less time debugging mysterious errors, I promise. open (DHCPCMD, "dhcpcmd $DHCPserver enumclients $scope|") || die "Can't get DHCP information: $!"; Use sprintf instead of twodigit(): my $day = sprintf("%02d", localtime->mday); I'm not sure what comparehashes() is doing, especially as you refer to $1 but don't appear to grab it from anywhere. Instead, I'd lc() machine names when assigning them to %dhcphash and %dnshash and just use the eq operator to compare them.

    Finally, I like to check the return values of my close() calls. No pun intended. If something goes wrong here, I want to know about it.

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