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Just another HART (Hospelian Arabic to Roman Transform) JAPH

by o0lit3 (Friar)
on Nov 26, 2007 at 21:45 UTC ( #653099=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

$@=29628;s/./y$ IIVCXL426 (-:V$XIVX LMCDIVX$dfor$$_ .=5x$&*8% $@;$$$_=$ _/egfor-4e3..0; $;=qq/LXX IV+CXVII+ CXV +CX VI+ XXX II+ XCV II+ CX+ CXI +CX VI+ CIV +CI +CX IV+ XXX II+ LXX X+C I+C XIV +CV III +XX XII +CI V+X CVI I+X CIX +CV II+ CI+ CXI V+X LIV +X+ XLV III C+C MII XV+ DXI M+I MCC MCM +XXIII DCI MMV+II C+I MMVIII /;$;=~s/\s+//g; print+ eval(join+q/./, map-${ $_},+split/\+/, ~~$;);
Inspired by Erudil's, There can be only one!, My 2 cents worth, my own The Power of Three, and (of course) thospel's original magic formula.

For those of you who prefer signatures and want (at least a little) more insight into what's going on:
s/./y$IVCXL426(-:$XLMCDIVX$dfor$$_.=5x$&*8%29628;$$$_=$_/egfor-4e3..0; print+eval(join+qq/./,+map-${$_},split/\+|\n/,+qq/LXXIV+CXVII+CXV+CXVI XXXII+XCVII+CX+CXI+CXVI+CIV+CI+CXIV+XXXII+LXXX+CI+CXIV+CVIII+XXXII+CIV XCVII+XCIX+CVII+CI+CXIV+XLIV+X/)

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Re: Just another HART (Hospelian Arabic to Roman Transform) JAPH
by eyepopslikeamosquito (Bishop) on Nov 27, 2007 at 12:05 UTC

    o0lit3, your JAPH brings back a flood of memories for me ... and not all sweet. :-) The punishing Fonality Christmas Roman Numeral contest, closely followed by the gruelling codegolf Roman to Decimal game. Ah, the good ol' days of punishment and torture. Curiously, HART won't help you much in the latter game, where 86 seems to be the HART limit, with 59 possible by other means.

    On the codegolf leaderboard, I recognized a few PM nicks, though very few from the original fwp Perl golf crowd. AFAICT, the centre of world golf has moved to Japan and multi-lingual golf the modern form of the game. To give it a try, I submitted entries in all four languages (Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP) in the Roman game, where the Perl leaderboard after nine months of competition is:

    1. 59 bearstearns 2. 59 kounoike 3. 60 robin 4. 61 arpad 5. 62 eyepopslikeamosquito 6. 65 shinh 7. 66 ergasun 8. 66 redneval 9. 70 ott 10. 73 jojo 11. 73 yvl 12. 74 o0lit3 13. 77 ySas 14. 78 agenticarus 15. 79 tybalt89 16. 82 yojeb ... 24. 99 chargrill ... 47. 197 dankogai
    o0lit3, you only need to improve by one stroke to move into the Perl top ten. :-) I hope to be able to eventually peer at the other solutions and write up another Roman post mortem, but that depends on the web site. I'd like to see them close off each game after one year of play and publish all solutions for some post mortem fun.

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