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I've check all your described methods. All these methods are polluted by modules which are not needed or automatical loaded. So I only add the VERSION-subroutine to my list.

I don't want to check the attributes for all methods, other modules provide. Only for methods which are provided by pure perl.

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Re^3: Which are perl-internal subroutines?
by diotalevi (Canon) on Nov 20, 2007 at 00:18 UTC

    The list for core perl is everything from and up. SUPER is also in the core and is frequently used. The other things are still somewhat uncommon. You would be wrong to think that only 'VERSION' is the available method. When I load my perl up with no modules at all and look at in the debugger I get four methods.

    perl -dea DB<1> m main via UNIVERSAL: DOES via UNIVERSAL: VERSION via UNIVERSAL: can via UNIVERSAL: isa DB<2> q

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      I don't care about frequently use modules, because if someone use a module, he has to take care about side effects for himself.

      The UNIVERSAL-methods can() and isa() are still in my list. But for curiosity: what is the DOES() method? Where can I find documentation about ist? I've only perl 5.8x so I cant reproduce it.

        He said 5.9.4+ for DOES.