in reply to Defending Perl

  1. Perl don't have the pretty graphical tools that the new generation of programmers want (terror at the terminal)
  2. The programmer uses the computer language that his boss says is the best (the same that the commercial of SUN says is the best)
  3. The new generation of programmers do not know what is Perl (no Perl courses)
  4. Companies are forced to translate all its programs to Java because no Perl programmers (I see this all days)
  5. ...

Of course, I will want to program Perl, but... Any enterprise will like to hire me?

Now, I'm fired because I don't like to learn Java or Python. I'm a heavy Perl supporter. If I had sufficient resources would be helping in the development of Parrot and Perl6, programming with C, C++ and Perl, all day... but I need to eat.