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I installed SOAP::WSDL using the CPAN command "install SOAP::WSDL" and still an error when i compile the Perl script saying that:

Can't locate object method "on_action" via package "SOAP::WSDL" at l ine 7

I am not entirely sure what version of the package is being used. I would assume that because i have installed so many packages the right one might not be used. Is there a way to check which version is being used? The other problem i am looking into is that i shifted from using the Command Prompt to cygwin now. So i have noticed that they use different directories for storing the Perl packages.

This means that when i compile a script the packages being used differ, which i dont realise. Would you be able to suggest what i should do? Scrap one way completely and start fresh somehow?

I actually have more than one copy of perl.exe how would i be able to delete all perl modules on my box start from scratch. I currently use ActivePerl and i guess i can try removing that will all the modules and then try using cygwin to install whateevr modules i need from CPAN. Is this a good idea?