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Hi, I have a script that needs to find out where it was executed from. The following script:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
print "$0\n";
normally works ok. However, if the script is set-uid (to any user) it prints something like "/dev/fd/3". This is under Solaris 2.7. The FindBin modules uses $0 as its starting point, so it doesn't work either.

I read somewhere that this is a trick used by some kernels to safely execute set-uid scripts: when a set-uid script is invoked, the kernel passes the script to the interpreter using a file descriptor instead of the file name directly, to avoid race conditions. If this is the case, my problem may be unsolvable, but I thought I would ask anyway.

I asked in comp.lang.perl.misc about this, and got two main suggestions, which I list with their drawbacks:

So I'm still looking for a real answer to my question. Any ideas will be very appreciated!