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Re^3: perl and linux (was Re^3: Tired of "Perl is dead" FUD ?)

by wolfger (Deacon)
on Sep 20, 2007 at 13:30 UTC ( #640116=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: perl and linux (was Re^3: Tired of "Perl is dead" FUD ?)
in thread Tired of "Perl is dead" FUD ?

The idea is to cater to perl-culture, not necessarily to re-write everything in perl. One of the features of perl culture is it's pragmatism: there's a willingness to work with other code (and to steal ideas from anything that wanders by...). Just to take one example, arguably, familiarity with Apache is already pretty strong among perl programmers: you're not going to talk many of them into trashing their web-server performance for the sake of ideological purity.

I agree. Especially where Apache is concerned. I don't know a Perl guy who doesn't like Apache mod_perl...

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Re^4: perl and linux (was Re^3: Tired of "Perl is dead" FUD ?)
by mr_mischief (Monsignor) on Sep 20, 2007 at 15:29 UTC
    It depends on focus, of course. A serious installation for getting real work done would probably use Apache. A tech demo to show off what one can do with Perl might include Jellybean instead.

    Given the right package selection tools, I guess one could do either. It could even be a high-level choice in the installer. "Real Work Pragmatism" vs. "Even More Perl-centric". Then, individual packages could be selected and deselected.

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