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If you don't want to use database storage (it is something very good to learn and use), you can also just create an account table. Something you can create with a spreadsheet, written as a CSV file, and then read it in as a logic table. Then, using any structure you can follow, you can test your conditionals for viewing options.

Doing it this way is simple, but not very robust. Even so,with the proper strategy, you can add and modify accounts from that same spreadsheet. Obviously, this will get very cumbersome if your logic table gets very large, and you will have to eventually add management tools to ease this work. Also, adding accounts by hand is not very automatic.

Adding a logic tree is reasonable too. By filtering by division, you might avoid a bunch of other tests. How you lay out the data will be impacted by this additional complexity. Having your data field contain sub-fields is not very CVS friendly, but it can be done with careful mapping. Again, this type of granularity is something that databases provide.